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We are a family-owned, private equity firm investing in early-stage and middle-market companies within HR Tech & Outsourcing, Financial Services & Payment Solutions, and Benefit Administration. Celebrating over 47 years of business, we remain rooted in the Midwest, and it’s our continued growth that has allowed us to expand our reach to business owners and individuals in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico and Guam.  As we continue to grow and pave our path of the future, we’re focused on investing in relationships that foster a diverse, connected, and unique service offering to our expansive business portfolio, providing economic and social value to our customers and community.

Do Good.
Grow & Win.
Peace of Mind.
Our Ethos
Do Good
Do Good.

For the benefit of our companies, employees, customers and communities.

Grow & Win

By acquiring business, growing our portfolio and re-investing back into our companies.

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind.

Ensuring our customers are well-served and we are delivering on our commitment to operational excellence.

Our Ethos
Our Ethos

Unites and defines our ethics, character, and guiding beliefs and is the foundation of our values at TCB Enterprise.


Enterprise Performance


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Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is growth focused on short-term and long-term economic gains to achieve our financial goals of the TCB Enterprise using an investment strategy and tactics focused on middle-market sectors of Fintech, Healthcare, and Payment Processing and Networks.    

Benefit Administration

Our unique System of Financial Accounts (SoFA) technology  provides a cloud-based financial service for businesses and individuals to manage an account-based benefit in currency of time, money or points.  It’s with financial confidence businesses can rely on our software as a service to support in a variety of inputs and outputs — truly creating individual choice for each employer and each employee.  

HR Tech & Outsourcing

In an industry with increasingly complicated regulations, our customers trust us to protect their healthcare and financial assets and bring simplicity so they can focus on what really matters in their business.  With our secure, tech-enabled configurable account offerings, along with a back-office for processing, we can respond to the market quickly!  We’re committed to understanding our customer needs and ambitions – whether an employer has one employee or millions.

Financial Services & Payment Solutions

The payment and card eco-system can be complex and a black box for business owners who are fearful of making the leap to online payment processing.  With our payment and software solution, you will have a transparent general ledger of all payments, accept and make electronic payments, and issue and process multi-purse card transactions. 

Portfolio Companies

TASC logo

TASC is a tech-enabled benefits provider that is industry-leading in the vast offerings that serve brokers, employers, and their employees. TASC focuses on improving the health, wealth, and well-being of its customers, employees, and communities.

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Xformative software is designed to redefine traditional payment service models. Leveraging true cloud-native, serverless, and event-driven technology. Our solution features superior speed, robust security, and enhanced economics.

MPXDev logo

MPX Dev is a software development company and IT solutions provider that delivers IT Cloud Development, Software Project Development (Multi-platform Mobile Applications, Full-scale Web Systems), and Resource Augmentation.

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Customized payroll and timekeeping solutions for employers nationwide. BASIC Payroll prides itself on its ‘Best-in-class service’ through a streamlined implementation client process, personalized payroll guidance per the client’s needs and access to education on a variety of HR topics.

TASC Ventures
MPXDev logo

TASC Ventures invests in nationwide seed-stage companies that can meaningfully improve the lives of employees and the bottom line of employers.

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TCB Enterprise portfolio has partnered with other innovative, forward-thinking, and diverse companies to continue to grow and learn. These partnerships help us expand our knowledge and industry reach while staying true to our mission.

TASC Ventures

Strategic Philanthropy, Environmental,
Social Governance

We are committed to engaging an investment portfolio model that seeks social change by mobilizing corporate assets beyond dollars and partnerships. Its within our deep-rooted culture, inspired and driven by our Management Committee, that we remain committed to growth and investment back into our community.  

Our strategic PESG commitment is a key differentiator worth mentioning.

Dan & Patti Rashke (TASC) Family Foundation

The Family Foundation strives to be a catalyst for community growth such that our neighbors may have increased opportunity to achieve their full potential. We strategically invest in innovative and collaborative solutions in the areas of education, health, and human services.
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Workplace Giving

TCB promotes many internal opportunities for employees and workplace giving activities, including an Employee Philanthropy Committee, paid volunteer time off, a Scholarship Program for employees' children, TCB donation to employee charity of choice, and much more.

The Greater Give

Every day, working Americans should feel inspired to give back, and we believe that their employers should have the tools and resources to help them. We support businesses by educating employers on strategic philanthropy, advocating for changes in public policy, and connecting like-minded businesses.
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Community Engagement

TCB's annual workplace giving campaign, promotion of volunteering events, board development and in-kind programming supports our responsive and strategic community investments to 'Do Good' by our people and community.

Give Back Foundation

The Give Back Foundation mission is to encourage more giving. More people, giving more, more often, to more charitable organizations. Through TASC's Universal Benefit Account, a GiveBack account is available for employers to encourage their employees to give more via the Foundation's donor advised fund.
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

TCB is committed to responsible business practices to advance equity and inclusion in our system, along with developing external partnerships to advance policy and system changes that promote equity and social & economic justice for all.

Meet the Team

Our team was founded with individuals who value and practice mutual respect, honesty and integrity.  Although our team wears many hats throughout each day, we’re responsible for the delivery of managed services to the portfolio of businesses.  

We are passionate, intuitive, and result-focused without the ego. Years of experience in a variety of industries fuel the intelligence, creativity, and ingenuity for a winning growth strategy.  


David Lee

Managing Director of TCB

David is a strategic thinker and highly motivated leader, bringing knowledge of large governmental agencies, building enterprise value, and capital investments to TCB Trust.

Bruce Whitmore

Enterprise Shared Service Officer

Bruce leads Enterprise Shared Services including Operational Human Resources, Finance, Technology,  and Enterprise Risk Management.


Dawn Mortimer

Executive Vice President of Strategic Innovation

Dawn leads TCB’s strategic partnerships, driving innovation and creating strategies to penetrate potential new markets. 

Reggie Wegner

In-house Counsel (GC)

Reggie practices business, tax, and estate planning services as a longstanding general practice.  


Eileen Schuster

Special Operations of Human Resources

Eileen focuses on delivering value by aligning people, process and systems to create a collaborative environment.  

Our Management Committee


As Managing Trustees with more than 60 years of combined experience buying, building, and operating successful businesses, their wisest moments have been investing back into their business and knowing the growth potential. Dan and Patti Rashke are life partners and in business, they lead with the same core values they don’t just talk about, but they live, in all aspects of life.

Patti is currently an active philanthropist and community member with several non-profit board positions.  With her finance background and years of experience, Patti provides a governance role within the business.

Dan has worked in the tax-advantage industry for 40 years and was named CEO of TASC in 1995. Dan continues to lead the business side with energy, innovative thinking, and commitment, not only within the business but with his deep belief in a culture of philanthropy and community commitment.     

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