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About BASIC Payroll

BASIC Payroll offers customized payroll and timekeeping solutions for employers nationwide. Whether an employer needs in-house software or full payroll processing, BASIC Payroll has a solution. BASIC Payroll prides itself on its ‘Best-in-class service’ through a streamlined implementation client process, personalized payroll guidance per the client’s needs and access to education on a variety of HR topics.

About President & COO Jim Bolek

Jim’s strong operational competencies and demonstrated success in payroll services lends to the BASIC Payroll’s exceptional customer service, loyal client base and high level of growth. Jim has been in the payroll business for nearly 20+ years and has obtained licensure through the American Payroll Association as a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP).

BASIC Payroll President and COO Jim Bolek
BASIC Payroll President and COO Jim Bolek